We were very excited when we first got news of a new IHOP Restaurant that was due to open in Bahrain City Center. We being the food lovers that we are decided to stop by last weekend. I was told to expect long queues so decided to head in at around 8am. We were lucky to find good seats and very friendly waiters.

We went with the waiter’s suggestion and went for the Sirloin Tips & Eggs with caramelized onions and Hash Brown. What I got was an absolutely gorgeous thing to look at and delicious to boot.

The meat was well cooked and tender and the caramelized onions added a very unique touch to the meal. Absolutely loved every bite and occasionally sank our teeth into the complimentary pancakes we received with our order. Wasn’t too happy with the hash brown for it had a bit too much oil for our liking.


We also ordered the IHOP Breakfast Plate (Forgot what it was actually called) which was also well made and very enjoyable.


We look forward to making more visits in the near future and trying out more on their delicious menu.

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Location: https://goo.gl/maps/sxhBxJVeVMR2


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