Asian Fusion food at ‘Fushi Restaurant’, Al Khobar

The Fushi Restaurant Facebook page describes their food style as Asian Fusion. We decided to go ahead and find out for ourselves as to how good this place was and what this asian fusion was all about. Being the greedy “foodaholics” that we were, we decided to order a few items off their menu which looked interesting. Quite a nice idea to have the whole menu on an iPad. Yes you heard me, an iPad !

I am quite fond of Sushi so decided to order Sushi Maguro (SR. 30 for 2 ) for starters and gobbled it down as soon as the picture was taken.

Sushi Maguro (Tuna) served with pickled sweet ginger and Wasabi.
Sushi Maguro (Tuna) served with pickled sweet ginger and Wasabi.

Wasn’t too fascinated with the colour but it had a very subtle flavour to it and with the pickled ginger and wasabi, it made an interesting snack. We also ordered the Shrimp Siobao which wasn’t too impressive since we could barely get a taste of the shrimp in it.


I decided to go for the Beef Ramen (SR. 52), while my counterpart settled for the Grilled Hammour Fillet and Shrimps (SR. 115). Prices have since changed !

Fushi Beef Ramen

My previous experience with Ramen at Fushi Sushi wasn’t too enjoyable after i ordered the Seafood Ramen that was doused in Sesame Oil, masking all the flavour that you may expect to experience with a Ramen. This time, I was extra careful and told them to go easy on the sesame oil. What happened next was something that was truly delicious and filling. The beef was well cooked and the broth had a lot of flavour that complimented the add ons that accompanied the dish. I must say, not having the Sesame oil to overpower the Ramen was the best decision I ever made.


I will not be attaching the picture that I took after I had cleared the bowl so as not to embarrass myself.  I would definitely recommend this to anyone with a cold or a sinus problem.

Moving on to our next dish, the grilled hammour fillet was well made and accompanied with char grilled shrimps and a nice thick sauce with a hint of lemon. The shrimps had been overcooked making it a little mushy. This dish comes with rice so it can be pretty filling. Quite liked the fillet as it was well cooked and came off in flakes with the lemony sauce giving it a wonderful flavour.

Grilled Hammour Fillet with Shrimp and a Lemon flavoured sauce.
Grilled Hammour Fillet with Shrimp and a Lemon flavoured sauce.

We quite enjoyed our dinner at Fushi Sushi. Watch this space for future updates for Fushi Sushi. Oh by the way, ask for Michael Vistro on your visit to this wonderful Asian Fusion Joint.



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