Mutton Karahi and Chicken Karahi at Sialkot Restaurant

We came across this wonderful truckers stop in the middle of nowhere while on our trip back from Abha. We were headed towards Al Kharj from Wadi Ad Dawasir. Hunger started creeping in and we stopped to ask for the closest eatery around. Sialkot Restaurant came highly recommended by the truckers that we had come across at one of our fueling stops. They usually never get it wrong when it comes to food, so we decided to take their advice and head on from Layla.

Sialkot Restaurant

It took us a while to find this place. There were quite a few trucks parked in this area making it hard for us to notice the place. We headed straight in and decided to go for whatever was readily available. The waiter recommended Mutton Karahi and Chicken Karahi and a bit of Dal for our vegetarian friend.

Mutton Karahi
Mutton Karahi

Now, the Mutton Karahi was absolutely cooked to perfection and the aroma of the meat and the gravy drove us crazy. We are not saying this out of hunger but the meat was so deliciously well made that the meat melted with every bite, and the gravy thickened with spices and a considerable portion of cooking oil was pure ecstasy. There was enough to serve 2 but all of us went ahead and ordered our own portion.

Chicken Karahi
Chicken Karahi

The Chicken Karahi was just as good with the chicken tearing off the bone. I wouldn’t compare it with the Mutton Karahi but it had its own wonderful well-blended flavours.

We rate this place a 9 / 10 with a point lost for the lack of cleanliness.

You can find this place on Foursquare by following the link:

I have also attached the location just in case any of you feel the urge for a long drive and a good meal.

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