Spicy Broasted Chicken at Kufa Restaurant

Kufa Restaurant opened about 3 years ago in Thoqbah, Al Khobar. They are well known for 3 items on their menu.

1. The Spicy Chicken Broasted
2. The Spicy Fish Fillet Broasted
3. The Spicy Prawn Broasted

I usually prefer to go for the Spicy Chicken broasted because the other two never quite manage to satisfy my raging appetite.

I am not trying to compare this to Al Bake, but this has to be one of the best broasted chicken joints in town and currently even more popular than the broasted at Abu Nawas, Happy Land & Bawanland. The chicken is well cooked and the spices that they use manage to penetrate deep into the meat giving it lovely flavour. The outer coating is crunchy and delicious.

Kufah Broasted Chicken
Kufah Broasted Chicken

It also does not have much oil, leaving it a little dry but that doesn’t change anything. Still a great meal with the fries, Humous, Garlic Paste & Kuboos for 14 Riyals.

A must have !

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