Now good Thai food is quite hard to find in Saudi Arabia. You don’t have many Thai’s working in Saudi Arabia thanks to a series of incidents but we are not here to talk about that.

Phuket Restaurant to me, has to be the best Thai restaurant around. I was quite a big fan of it’s competitor, “Thai House”, but falling standards have stopped me from visiting them.

This place is frequented by foreigners and asian and serves some lovely food that i will be showcasing below.

Hands down, the perfect winter soup i have had by far in Saudi Arabia has to be POHTAK or a Sea Food Soup that clears the toughest of colds in a jiffy. It comes with a variety of fish and crustaceans that gives the soup a beautiful flavour and aroma. My best mate, a fish hater absolutely loves this soup !

Pohtak Soup
Pohtak Soup (Seafood)

A few of the other dishes that i quite enjoyed was the Stir Fried chicken with chinese broccoli, Thai deep fried chicken and the mixed Thai fried rice. This restaurant is a little hard to find. Searching on Foursquare should do the trick ! Happy Eating foodies…

Deep Fried Chicken (Thai Style)

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