Roma Castle Restaurant – Dammam

Roma has always been a safe bet and happens to be one of our favourite turkish joints in the EP. Located near Al Shira mall in Dammam, it is absolutely impossible to find a parking spot on the weekends so we usually head there on the weekdays.

Mixed Grill Platter
Mixed Grill Platter

Serving some of the best grilled food in town, we went ahead and ordered a kilo of mixed meat grill, Riash (Lamb Chops), Awsal (Lamb meat cubes) and a Shawarma plate. Seems like quite a bit, but we had 5 hungry mouths to feed.

They always serve a green salad and a whole plate of Jarjeer (Arugula) to go with the meat and they make a fantastic combination eaten together. I would personally recommend Jarjeer with Awsal.


The mixed grill was well flavoured and cooked well but i would still prefer the mixed grill platter at Al Khaleej Restaurant in Saihat which i will be reviewing soon.

I absolutely loved the tender, well cooked and flavoured Riash and it almost melted in my mouth. It was over in a matter of minutes thanks to some quick eating (swallowing) by the boys. The awsal was not as great as the Riash but just as filling.

Riash (Lamb Chops)
Riash (Lamb Chops)

The only thing that i didn’t quite like was that each of the plates were loaded with french fries. Looked like they were trying to get rid of their supplies and it ended bloating us all up. Loved the food and we look forward to many more visits in the future.

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