Outstanding Rajasthani Food in Sharjah – ‘Rajasthan Al Malaki’

I have been to a few Rajasthani restaurants in my time. This place came highly recommended so it came as a bit of shocker when we found this place in the industrial area of Sharjah surrounded by construction sites with no paved roads to access the restaurant.

A traditional Rajashtani Thali meal (Vegetarian)
A traditional Rajashtani Thali meal (Vegetarian)

Putting that aside, we decided to go ahead and order the Rajasthani Thali Meals, the house favourite. What came next was an absolute barrage of mouth watering dishes, with the perfect touch of spices and aroma that could get any foodie excited.

Dahi Vada
Dahi Vada

The waiters were super friendly and kept serving us Fulka’s till I could take no more. The apple payasam was to die for and had just the right amount of sweetness. You might want to work out after this meal because the amount of ghee they use can be quite unnerving but necessary to get those rich flavours out. It’s an absolute treat and it cost us a total of AED 153 for 5 people (30 AED per person) which was a bargain.

I would recommend this to those who would like to try some good Indian Vegetarian food. I promise you, this will not dissapoint!!!! They also accept Credit Cards.

Location: Rajasthan Al Malaki – Sharjah

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