Parsi Cuisine at ‘SodaBottleOpenerWala’ – Khan Market, New Delhi

I had never been to a Parsi restaurant in my life and didn’t know what to expect. The name “Sodabottleopenerwala” was an ingenious way of grabbing someone’s attention, but then I came to realise that most Parsi’s had really cool surnames.

SodaBottleOpenerWala in Khan Market, New Delhi
SodaBottleOpenerWala in Khan Market, New Delhi

Located in the upscale Khan Market, then place was quite easy to spot among the hoard of shops and restaurants there (The picture should explain it).

We headed straight to the top through a narrow staircase and found a comfortable spot to sit at. Loved the ambience of the place, quite lively and greeted with a smile from the friendly waiters.

“Momma Nu Dabble Dose”
“Momma Nu Dabble Dose”

It was close to lunch time, but we decided to have a few drinks first.

“Momma Nu Dabble Dose” – Don’t ask me what this means, I ordered it anyway and loved it so stuck to having this for the next few hours. – Rs. 750

Thick Cheesy Masala Fries
Thick Cheesy Masala Fries

For starters we ordered the Thick Cheesy Masala Fries that the menu describes as French Fries topped with Thetcha Masala and Cheese Sauce. The combination of fries and masala went well with the cocktails. The cheese felt like the spreadable cheese that you get in jars and use for sandwiches. BYOC (Bring your own cheese) – Rs. 390

Chicken Farcha
Chicken Farcha

Also for starters we had the Chicken Farcha (Parsi style fried chicken) lightly seasoned with multiple spices giving it a reddish colour. Went amazingly well with the mint chutney that accompanied it. Could have been a bit more spicy but I’m not complaining. – Rs. 295


In between the fries, the chicken and the cocktails, decided to order the Shrewsbury Biscuit from the Irani Bakery menu I found hanging on the wall. I would suggest you have these after lunch or you’d most likely ruin your appetite. Don’t get me wrong, the biscuits are marvelous but not something you should munch on when you’re having alcohol.

For the main course, we ordered

  1. Dhansak (Mutton) – Rs. 550
Photo 22-09-2015, 11 59 29

2. Bohra Keema Pav – Mildly spiced Mutton Keema with Pav, tasted much better than the Goan Sausage pav. – Rs. 395


3. Mutton Berry Pulao – Mutton cooked with fragrant rice, topped with fried onion, nuts and berries. What can I say about this fascinating dish. I absolutely loved the flavours and the combination of mutton, berry (not sure which berry) and nuts. I recommend this dish to anyone who loves Biriyani. This takes it to a whole new level. – Rs. 495


4.Goan Sausage Pav (Pork)- The menu describes this dish as Goan sausages cooked with Potato and Onion, served with pav. I felt the tomato paste overpowered the taste of the sausages and could barely taste anything else. It still had good taste and worked well when I used it to garnish the Sheekh Paratha roll. (Trust me, it works) – Rs. 425

Photo 22-09-2015, 11 55 09

5. Sheekh Paratha – Sheekh Kebab and yummy greasy Paratha that can be eaten rolled up into one. Not my idea but works out great. Add the Goan Sausage for effect. – Rs. 345


We were 6 very hungry people and were dying to get started with the food. No food was wasted in this review.

I rate this amazing joint a 4.5 out 5. You had to lose points for the poor quality air conditioning but otherwise everything else was perfect. For more details about the joint, visit Zomato.


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