Vietnamese Food in Dubai – ‘Hanoi Naturally’, JLT

I was in the mood for some Vietnamese food on my trip to Dubai, since the last time i had any was at least 9-10 years ago (or maybe more). I had been dreaming of Pho (Vietnamese Noodle Soup) for quite a while so Sharon & Nikhil suggested we head to Hanoi Naturally in JLT.

Beef Pho

Great location right next to the waterways in JLT, and the interiors felt quite authentic like how you’d see restaurants in Vietnam on food channels.


I went straight for the menu and my eyes went straight for the Beef Pho with Garlic. We also ordered a variety of other dishes that included Crispy Duck, a cold salad that Nikhil ordered and didn’t like much and Sheril’s fish sizzler. Ashwathi ordered the Caramelized Ginger Chicken with lime leaves which I got a mouthful of to savour and it tasted so good.


The Pho was heartwarming & delicious and the succulent slices of beef just melted in my mouth, The only drawback was the excessive garlic. (You could tell them to go easy on the Garlic if you’re ordering this dish). The Duck was just as good but could have been slightly crispier. The Iced Lemon Bubble tea makes a refreshing drink and goes well with the Pho.


Looking forward to visiting this place again soon. Keep up the good work!

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