Armed with the @entertainergcc app, it was “Big Chefs” turn to be reviewed by Food with Shayne & fellow foodies Iqra & Shaistha. Located on Prince Faisal Bin Fahd Road in Khobar, it’s hard to miss “Big Chefs” owing to the size of the place. Based out of Turkey, they have a wide range of international cuisines, quite evident from their menu.
The interiors are well laid out, lit and spacious.

“Crispy Manti”

For starters, we had what looked like deep fried Beef dumplings served with Yogurt called “Crispy Manti”. Tiny Portions that packed a lot of flavour. The size was really disappointing though!

Beef “Saslik”

The waiter told us that the menu had been recently updated and recommended I try the Beef “Saslik” (SR.80 ex VAT). I must say that recommendation was on point and I thank the waiter for making it.
The well marinated & tenderized Beef Tenderloin was rolled in with mushrooms, cheese and braised onions. Served on a bed of light & flavourful couscous, it was also accompanied with a side of salad made of dried fruit, rocket leaves and red onions that had a hint of citrus. It was a sight to watch the cheese ooze out of the rolled tenderloin with the salt in the cheese balancing out the sweetness of the salad. The dish wins top prize for being unique, savoury and well presented.

“Ciz-Biz” Steak

Iqra & Shaistha ordered the “Ciz-Biz” Steak (SR. 85 ex VAT) so watch out for their review in the comments section.

“Banana Split”

To top it all off, we ordered the Banana Split. Served in a Jar, it had overripe Bananas, Caramel Sauce, Vanilla icecream and crunchy sugary bits that I had no idea about but commended the dessert well. It was a little pricey overall, but with the @entertainergcc app, we saved SR. 80 on the overall bill.


Thanks @bigchefksa !


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