‘PF Changs’ at The Avenues – Manama,Bahrain

After a much awaited open, the Avenue is only just starting to pick up in terms of restaurants and store. PF Changs had opened up their new store at the Avenues, so Safuvan and I headed right in, greeted by their super cheerful staff.

22122017 095
“Dynamite Shrimps”

We had already decided that we would order the “Dynamite Shrimps” [BD 4.950] which I had reviewed on Food with Shayne earlier.

22122017 097

For the main course, we ordered the Pad Thai combo with chicken and shrimp [BD 5.750], The Singapore Street Noodles [BD 4.950] and the Mongolian Beef [BD 6.950] which I have had on previous occasion and thoroughly enjoyed.

22122017 098

The beef is fried well enough to make it tender and give it a lovely crunchy outer crust. The sauces give it more flavour and volume, though I would like them to go easy on the spring onions next time. It also comes with a bowl of rice, so plan your order with that in mind.

22122017 099

The Pad Thai was on point and the “Trio Sauces” really compliments the noodles and the peanuts. The combo is the way to go! The Singapore Street Noodles weren’t up to mark and left Safuvan feeling a little disappointed.

Thank you PF Changs Middle East for the wonderful meal.

Location : https://goo.gl/maps/jgsRKcVxYzJ2

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