Steaks at “LongHorn Steakhouse” in Dammam, Saudi Arabia

There are times when I’d like to bite into a large chunk of perfectly cooked meat to satisfy my cravings and a good steak does just that. There is nothing better than a thoroughly seasoned & cooked “Medium / Medium Rare” piece of meat.  Getting it right can be tricky since you could go wrong trying to get the firmer, warm red center a perfectly done Medium Rare steak ought to be.

I signed up for “The Entertainer” app this year and it has been a blessing in disguise. I have saved around SR. 200 already, eating out at restaurant’s that have signed up with them.

“LongHorn Steakhouse” is an American casual dining restaurant chain located in Dammam corniche that has been on my list for a while now, and with the Entertainer App, it’s Buy 1 and you get the 2nd meal free. I tend to ignore the starters menu since they take up much needed stomach space.

Saurabh and I settled for the “Outlaw Ribeye” (SR. 153 inc. VAT), a 510gm cut of premium beef with the bone in with 2 choices of sides to go with it. I settled for mash potatoes and broccoli. They also serve you unlimited portions of their signature “Honey Wheat Bread” that makes for a fantastic combination to clean up leftovers.

The #Ribeye had a beautiful charred exterior thanks to the dry rub that complimented the meat and enhanced the flavour to a whole new level. The steak was succulent and well rested and we wasted a few minutes taking pictures before we settled in to eat. I wouldn’t say it was perfectly cooked to my liking but it is hard to get in right on such a large piece of meat.  It was well done towards the edges and medium in the center and the fat a lil’ chewy. The fat on the sides were well done and delicate and it made for a treat having soaked up all the flavour from the rub. Overall a good experience and I wouldn’t mind having this steak again. We also ordered the LongHorn Dessert Sampler but it’s best to give this a miss since the steak itself is really quite filling.

Thanks to @entertainersa & @entertainergcc, we saved a cool SR. 153 and for SR. 95 for a year’s subscription, it would be a good idea to sign up. Follow @FoodwithShayne for in-depth food reviews from the Eastern Province.


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