Traditional Home Made Lebanese / Palestinian Breakfast Feast

“Hala Bil Khamis” and what a way to end the week. Thursday in the Middle East is like Friday’s in the United States and we can’t wait to get out the moment it hits 5.
Thursday is also the day the guys in the PSS department arrange breakfast and it was Ameer’s turn to bring in the goodies. We were in for a treat as Ameer’s mum had prepared an absolute banquet for all of us and she had cut no corners.

“Fattet Hummus” was a creamy mashed combination of chickpeas, yogurt, tahini, toasted pine nuts, cumin and doused generously in olive oil. Mint was more of a garnish and didn’t add anything to it. I also feel it had toasted Kubbus pieces that complimented and enhanced the texture of this amazing creamy platter.


“Fattet Al-Betenjane” is quite similar to Fattet Hummus, considering they both use Yogurt, Tahini and toasted kubbus but this is where the similarities end. With the addition of eggplant and minced lamb layered with the toasted kubbus, tahini and yougurt, lightly spiced and seasoned to bring out the flavours, this was one of a kind. Don’t expect to get any work done after a meal like this. As I type this review, I can feel my eyelids get heavy.

Not to be outdone, there was one more surprise in store for us. “Layali Lubnan” that roughly translates to “Lebanon Nights” was just what the doctor ordered. I have an overgrown sweet tooth and this was the perfect end to a wonderful breakfast. This dessert is a famous Lebanese dish made with semolina, condensed milk, ground pistachio and rose syrup. I couldn’t identify the different flavour profiles but the fusion of these ingredients was on point.

Please thank your mum for us Ameer. My tummy is in a better place right now!

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