Breakfast at ‘Scramble’ – Al Khobar

Friday morning is my favourite time of the week. It’s usually the time i get a well earned sleep after slogging it out at work. It is also the time for me to try out what Khobar has in store for me, and thanks to “Foodie in Arabia” and the Eastern Province Foodies, i decided to scout “Scramble”.

Greeted at the door, i was guided to the singles only section of the restaurant (Families get better seating 😰), i was handed an iPad with the menu. It’s always a good idea to have some #Coffee, so i went for the fancy “Lavender Latte” that had 2 shots of Expresso, Lavender Syrup and Earl Grey Tea (FANCY!).

In the mood for pancakes, i ordered the Pistachio Macaroon Pancake with Rosewater & Pistachio paste filling and a Pistachio cream sauce (Basically a lot of Pistachio in different forms). The cream could have been sweeter but the icecream made up for the lack of it. The texture of the pancake was fluffy and light, the pistachio filling holding it together and the grounded pistachio complimenting it.

Great way to start the day!


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