It’s hard to get Mac ‘n’ Cheese right. I know it isn’t a very complex dish nor is it rocket science, but most restaurant just can’t seem to get the combination right.

NU by Bistro @nu_by_bistro has been around for little over a year or less in Auto Moto, Rakah and they have an interesting line up of items to order. This was my second visit in these many months and this time, with my Mac ‘n’ Cheese craving in mind, I ordered the “Crispy Mac & Cheese Burger” (SR. 34).

Yes, it does come with a delicious Angus Beef Patty but the deal breaker was the crispy Mac & Cheese patty that they had managed to deep fry and somehow keep it all together. It really amplified the flavour of the meat and the cheese oozed out gracefully. I couldn’t bother to take anymore pictures after the first bite. I would have liked the cheese to be a little thicker but that would have been too much to ask considering it was deep fried.

I also ordered the “Chili Cola Wings” (SR. 32) made with a sweet & spicy base though it had absolutely no hint of cola in the flavour. Good wings though but it could have been better if it had a bit of a crunch. Most batter fried wings get soggy the moment you add a bit of sauce.

Good place to hang out with your mates. There is no separate seating for families.

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