Eastern Province - Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia

Red Lobster Seafood Restaurant, Al Khobar

I have kept away from @redlobsterme after a great deal of negative reviews from people around me, but it would be unfair to judge a restaurant solely on opinions. Armed with @entertainersa, I had made up my mind to treat myself (only because I got paid) since it had been a while.

First impressions were dull. There was no staff in sight and the restaurant was desolate. These are warning signs that one must take into account when visiting a restaurant. I turned to leave before a member of the staff came out of nowhere and greeted me. There was no going back from here.

I looked through the menu in great detail, confused if I should go for a steak or maybe some pasta but if you are going to a place that’s called “Red Lobster” it would be better to order something with a lobster in it! I went for the “Lobster & Shrimp Trio” (SR. 125) & “Parrot Isle Jumbo Coconut Shrimp – 10 pcs” (SR. 69) only after confirming that they would accept the @entertainersa app. The Soft drinks with free refill are a little steep for SR. 18.

The Lobster Shrimp Trio came with a grilled lobster tail, garlic-grilled shrimps and a lobster-shrimp mac ’n’ cheese. The lobster tasted great and it was evident they had brushed it with a bit of garlic butter for added flavour that worked well. The shrimps too tasted good but they got it wrong with the Mac & Cheese. Instead of the creamy texture, it was very lumpy, watery and totally unimpressive. I would give this a miss and order a different item on the menu just to skip the M & C. The Jumbo Coconut Shrimps was batter fried and covered in bits of desiccated coconut and though it tasted good, the shrimps had soaked up a bit too much oil for my liking.

Overall, it was a pleasant experience and would have been totally overpriced if it wasn’t for the Entertainer App. I saved a cool SR. 69 off the total bill! Follow @foodwithshayne for the best of food. #Khobar #SaudiArabia #RedLobster

Location : https://goo.gl/maps/tzEKmE8UCeG2

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