Birthday Lunch at ‘Petit Parry’, Al Khobar

I turned 34 today. I was born on Friday the 13th and today being Friday the 13th, i had the right excuse to eat out even though i should be on a diet.

I’ve been following @petitparisksa since i started @foodwithshayne on @instagram and thanks to their recent posts i felt the time had come. The staff greeted me and pointed me to the singles section which is on the ground floor. I always skip the appetizers and today was no different. 


I ordered the Risotto Gamberoni (SR. 65) which was a Saffron flavoured Risotto with delicious and fresh juicy jumbo shrimps. They were really quite fresh but the Risotto felt a little undercooked. It lacked the creaminess of a Risotto but i did enjoy the bits of celery  and cherry tomatoes πŸ… that really added flavour. Couldn’t taste the Saffron much either!


What made my day, was the “Petit Brownies” (SR. 43). Served on a really hot plate, which i figured had been in the oven, the brownie with the icecream and the chocolate sauce was an absolute luxury. The combination of these wonderful things soon got to my head and i absolutely enjoyed it. I would totally recommend this and it serves 2 people 😍.


The Electric Lemonade (SR. 22) was not worth it. It’s best you skip this drink altogether. Follow @foodwithshayne for the best of food in the #Sharqiya and the world. 


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