Egyptian food at ‘Kushari Kimalah’ – Thoqbah, Khobar.

I haven’t had the opportunity to try Egyptian food before and the only other time that i did try some, it was at my mate Salah’s place for some Hawawshi that i thoroughly enjoyed.

@kushari_kimalah opened up on 10th street recently near Thoqbah moroor and i walked in at around 1pm for lunch. The menu was in Arabic and it took a bit of an effort to tell them what i wanted to order.

I settled for “Kushari” (also spelled Koshari) and thanks to Wikipedia, i knew what i was in for. Made with rice, macaroni, lentils and topped with crispy onions and chickpeas, it came with a side of tomato sauce with a bit of heat. Though it didn’t taste like much on its own, it completely transformed the Kushari. It is quite like the Indian “Khichdi” but what sets it apart is the flavour and the heat from the chilli sauce.

Be careful not to add the Hot Sauce because it got really spicy. I look forward to trying the other dishes on the menu.


Location: مطعم كمالة

الشارع العاشر،، Thuqbah, Al Khobar 34623

013 898 1949

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