D’Meat Yard (@dmeatyard) recently opened up in Rakah right opposite the Meed Petrol station and the weekend is the only time i get to try out new joints.

With a simple 5-6 item menu on display, it was a bit quiet even during lunchtime.

I ordered the D’Meat Yard Brisket Sandwich and for SR. 35 it comes with a serving of 🍟 that were both crunchy and delish. The Brisket was tender, charred to a crisp on the outside and packing a lot of flavour. I did however find it a lil dry and would have liked a bit more BBQ sauce. I brought this to their attention and was told customer didn’t like too much sauce with their brisket (Make sure you tell them how much sauce you’d like). The cheese gave it that extra zing!


I haven’t had good ribs in a long time and i would like to thank D’Meat Yard for making that happen. For SR. 70, this is an absolute bargain for the meat was top notch,
tender, mouth watering and not the kind that was mushy. I also appreciate D’Meat Yard for not overpowering their ribs with BBQ sauce like most others (Chilis, TGIF).


Also, do try out their Chili Cheese Fries (SR. 20). It had proper chunks of minced beef without all that ketchup that a lot of restaurants use. Great going guys!


The Coke cost SR. 4 and they do have Ribs too! I would rate my overall experience at 4/5.

Location : D’Meat Yard
Ar Rakah Ash Shamaliyah, Dammam 34225

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