Lamb Mandi at ‘Sama Deraty’ – Riffa, Bahrain

Another Mandi place visited, this time in Riffa, Bahrain. We drove past “Sama Deraty” on our place to another restaurant but ended up coming back here since the other places were closed. With my fellow foodies Nicky & Blossom, we decided to go all out and ordered 2 portions of the Lamb Mandi.


The Mandi was decadent, garnished with fried almonds and onions and the meat looked scrumptious.
It was Blossom’s first time having Mandi and this place did justice to the dish. At BD 12 (SR. 120) for 2 portions, this was well worth the money.


If you ever pass by this place, don’t forget to stop and try it out! #FoodwithShayne

P.S. – I currently only have the location for the Muharraq branch. I haven’t been here myself.


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