The Best of Pakistani Eats in Jeddah – ‘Makkah Restaurant’

I love Pakistani food. There is no other way to say it, and they don’t compromise when it comes to food. I’ve been in Jeddah for a few days now and my colleagues decided to take me to “Makkah Restaurant” in the Al Baghdadiyah area for dinner.

This restaurant is famous for their “Mutton Kadai”, and it is one of my absolute favourites but this version of the popular dish bowled me over. It wasn’t hard to understand why it was so good. Starting with “Seekh Kebabs”, we also ordered half kilo plates of “Mutton & Chicken Kadai” cooked to absolute tenderness that they fell off the bone at the slightest touch, meats so juicy that there is barely any gravy left to wipe off with those delicious soft butter naan. I also thoroughly enjoyed the “Brain Masala” which my colleagues didn’t have the stomach for.

The restaurant was packed and we found seating right next to where the kadai was being prepared. We also ordered the “Chicken Boti” and “Mixed Kebab” platter to satisfy our meat cravings.

The “Mutton Kadai” was brought to our table in a sizzling platter and we dove right in. The meat was so succulent and flavourful that we polished off 4 full plates. The chicken boti was just as good or even better with the tender juicy chicken breaking up with absolute ease. This is one absolute gem of a place and not visiting this place would be an absolute miss. That said, you can’t eat this everyday and If you do keep a count of your calories, then this isn’t the place for you. They have an extensive menu and it is total bang for your buck. Finding a parking spot is a little hard here and it isn’t the cleanest joint in Jeddah, but if you ever invite me for dinner at Makkah restaurant, be sure you get there on time! 

P.S. – They have a family section too!


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