Thai, Filipino & Chinese Food at “Phu Pink Restaurant” in Al Khobar

The race for the best Thai restaurant in Khobar is fought between Thai House, Phuket and this restaurant that I visited today, Phu Pink.

Located behind Shoe World in Khobar, this little hole in the wall has stood out for both its prices and the quality & quantity of food served.


I ordered the “Khao Phad Song Kroeng” (SR. 15 – Small) which was basically mixed fried rice with shrimp & chicken. Great tasting dish but the green onions were slightly soggy.


I also ordered the “Kaeng Phed Beef” which is Thai Red Curry with Beef for SR. 25. Lovely flavourful curry with a tad bit more salt than I would have liked but that would be just about perfect with plain sticky rice.


This place is the only restaurant I know that serves you complimentary iced tea with free refills 😍🙌🏽


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