Smoked Meat Paradise at ‘OAK SMOKEHOUSE’ – Al Khobar

“OAK SMOKEHOUSE” is a smokehouse in Khobar that specialises in smoked Briskets & Ribs and I decided it was time to drop in for a visit. I ordered the “Brisket” (250gm – SR. 79) and a coleslaw (SR.9) to go with the meat.


First impressions, great tasting meat, tender and moist with juicy bits of fat that leave a buttery aftertaste. The red chilli compliments the meat and the coleslaw helps cool down your system.


The “Short Ribs” is some of the best ribs I have had till date. For SR. 99, you get a completely different experience. These ribs are smoked for 7hrs + and is garnished with delicious chimichurri, fried onions and without all that hideous BBQ sauce. The meat literally fell apart when I pressed the fork over the meat and the charred exterior gives the meat more depth and flavour. You will come across a few salty bits but that is expected since the rub is uneven.

You are paying quite a bit, but this is worth all that and much more. This is currently, Khobar’s best rib joint PERIOD.


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