‘Honey Thai Restaurant’ in Bab Al Bahrain, Bahrain.

The Eastern Province Foodies group on Facebook is one of the most active groups that I follow that is all about the people living and eating out at great joints in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia. Suzanne, also known as @foodieinarabia deserves all the credit for this.

Thanks to Amr Henawy, I finally called the gang and headed to “Honey Thai Restaurant” in Bab Al Bahrain. The place isn’t easy to spot and the premises is quite dingy. Nevertheless, I was told this would be worth the visit and settled in to check the menu out. What caught my attention were the cheap prices and a whole page dedicated to “Pork” on their menu.

“Beef Noodle Soup”

We ordered the Beef Noodle Soup, Stir-fried meats with vegetables and Noodles and Fried rice with deep fried pork. For sides, we went for Deep fried beef and deep fried Pork spare ribs. The waiter wasn’t quite sure about the menu himself but we wasted no time getting down to eat!

“Fried rice with deep fried Pork”

The Beef Noodle Soup was hearty and well flavoured with an earthy stock adding finesse to the dish. The sprouts enhanced an already tasty broth. It wasn’t spicy but they have all the heat you would ever need kept separately on each table. The Noodles were exceptional and the Ribs could have had a bit more meat on them. The ones that had any meat on them was succulent and with the fat made it an absolute delight to snack on.

“Deep Fried Pork Spare Ribs”

The Fried Rice with deep fried pork lacked any real flavour, and the deep fried beef wasn’t exceptional either! The prices are super cheap and with Iced Tea, it came to a grand total of SR. 130.


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