After having lived in Calicut all these years, I have never visited @kingsbay_restaurant so when it came to making that all important decision on where to go for lunch, @sareekaasok and I finally decided on Kingsbay. 

“Honey Glazed Prawns”

We were quite famished so we decided to order some appetizers before we jumped into the main course. We ordered the “Honey Glazed Prawns” (Rs. 290) and “Crumb Fried Fish” (Rs. 250). The honey overpowered the flavour of the shrimp but the bits of crunchy noodles made it interesting. The Crumb Fried Fish tasted good though a bit over fried. The tartar sauce was avoidable though. 

“Crumb Fried Fish”

For the main course, I ordered the “Spicy Crusted Grilled Fish” (Rs. 390) that was quite bland. Though peppery, there was no real taste of the mustard that was supposedly used to marinate the fish. Also, the lack of salt was pretty evident. 

“Kingsbay Grilled Fish in Tomato Burblance Sauce”

@sareekaasok ordered the “Kingsbay Grilled Fish in Tomato Burblance Sauce” (No idea what that is – Rs. 390) and it was disappointing. There was atleast a bit of salt and subtle hints of spices, but other than that it was not worth it. The only thing that had salt was the mashed potatoes. 

“Spicy Crusted Grilled Fish”

I do intend on visiting Kingsbay restaurant again on my next visit to Calicut and hopefully things have changed since my last visit.


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