Middle Eastern Cuisine at ‘The Lighthouse Restaurant’ – Kozhikode, Kerala

The Lighthouse Restaurant in Calicut (@tlhcalicut) scores some major points in terms of its location and design. Located on the by-pass opp. Metro Cardiac Hospital, it also comes with a mini lighthouse built into the side of a cliff. Loved the layout and the mini tents they have set up to house customers.

Saudi Champagne (Non-Alcoholic)

We took the A/C glass house instead of the tent thanks to the weather and sat down to order.

For starters, we ordered the “Fried Shrimps” (₹280) that came in a batter-fried coating and it tasted absolutely delicious. Also, full points for not overpowering the taste of the shrimps.


For the main course, we ordered a “Grilled Fish in Spices” (₹690) which they called ‘Samakeh Mashwi’. We were told this was ‘Hamour’ but I do have my doubts. Still, a great piece of fish that we cleared out in mere minutes. The spices had really caught hold and complimented the fish well.


The next dish was a big disappointment. We ordered “Laham Kabsa” (₹1050) to serve 4 people and this was anything but good. The first time it was served, the rice was not hot. The meat had no real flavour and tasted more like curry poured over flavoured rice. I shouldn’t have compared this to the ones I get in Saudi but this was still pretty bad for any standards.


Anas, who manages the joint later told us that their Kabsa’s weren’t the best and that we try their “Grilled Meats” next time. I will definitely stop by next time to try the grills. Oh, and the “Saudi Champagne” (₹350) tasted exactly like the one we get in Saudi. Thanks to @vaisakhvax & @m.i.muhammed for a fun-filled afternoon ❤️



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Location: https://goo.gl/maps/Z6sDyNq9RNN2

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