Philly Cheese Steak from ‘Streat’ Food Truck – Khobar

I don’t think anyone had seen Food Trucks here in Saudi until a few years ago. The trend has since taken off and is doing well in the Sharqiya with numerous food trucks selling everything from Coffee to Philly Cheesesteak Sandwiches. Yes, you heard that right and this is not just a one-off. My last Philly cheese steak sandwich was from the Exit Truck and they were OK.
@Streat.truck is one of those “Philly Cheese Steak” joints but with a twist. @the.cosmicnomad and I decided to review the place and find out for ourselves.





We ordered the Brown Bread version of the sandwich and the meat, cheese and the toasted bread were so in sync, they made a fantastic meal. Juicy bits of well-cooked beef smothered in cheese had a lot of flavours and easily outclassed the Philly I had at Exit Truck.


You will find them in the car park opposite the Mercure Hotel in Khobar & trust me it’s worth it! Oh and don’t forget the Streat Fries…..They are the BOMB.


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