Dinner at ‘True Food Experts’ (@t.fex.sa) – Dammam

It had been a while since I last caught up with my mate’s @amitajk & @nickyphil. By the time we met, I was absolutely starved so Amit recommended we try out this recently opened food joint called “True Food Experts” (@t.fex.sa). I had never heard of the place before so we headed straight to the resto to grab a bite.


Oddly located at the end of Port road in Dammam, this isn’t the best place for a resto, in my opinion, considering it is a little away from the city centre. The restaurant looks great from the outside and I quite liked their logo too.


Their menu is by the day and they have a list where you get to tick off your choices. We had the choice of Swedish Meatballs, Grilled Salmon & Grilled Chicken (The Mains) to choose from with close to 6 sides available (You can select 2). I went for the “Grilled Salmon with Grilled Vegetables & Mushroom Rice” (SR. 40), Amit opted for the “Swedish Meatballs with Grilled Vegetables & Mushroom Rice” (SR. 35) and Nicky had the “Grilled Chicken with Butter Noodles” (SR. 32).


The Salmon was grilled well and tasted great with the grilled veggies and rice compensating for the saltiness of the fish. There was also a stray grilled asparagus that I devoured immediately and I was left feeling satisfied. The portion is small and is great for people looking to cut down on size like me. The Grilled chicken was also good but I found the butter noodles to be without any salt, but I guess the chicken made up for it. I will let @amitajk comment on his meal in the comments below. For a copy of the menu, DM!

That is ME.


Great place for a quick bite, beautiful interiors and don’t forget to try their speciality “Grape Juice” (SR. 15).

Location: https://goo.gl/maps/vZMuBu789JQ2

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2 responses to “Dinner at ‘True Food Experts’ (@t.fex.sa) – Dammam”

  1. I was following you on insta. I deleted the app as i was becoming an Instagram junkie with the endless scrolling ! One thing I missed the most is the food ads from local restaurants and your awesome reviews!
    I actually searched foodswithshayne on my PC to find your insta page and just lightly browse through on my computer instead of the phone. Well I was pleasantly surprised to find your website instead ! Keep doing what you do ! Will be trying out TFEX thanks to your review.

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