My dad was complaining about the lack of variety when it comes to food in Calicut and I do agree, to a certain extent. Most restaurants serve local cuisines apart from a few like M Grill, Brown Town, etc.


Berry Bomb in Cherooty Road (@eatberrybomb) calls itself an Italian restaurant and to find out if it really was, the missus and I dropped by for a late evening snack.


The main seating is upstairs and they have done a good job decorating up the place.
The menu is by no means Italian and we got down to the serious business of ordering.


For starters, we ordered the “Chilli Garlic Potato Balls” (Rs.80), “Cheese Meatballs” (Rs.290) & “Cheese Fries” (Rs. 150). The potato balls had no taste of garlic or chilli and had no real flavour to it. The Cheese Meatballs, on the other hand, was appetizing. The cheese came oozing out from the centre and complimented the spicy meatball and tomato sauce. And yes they were deep fried and they still managed to keep it moist.
The cheese fries weren’t too bad either.


The “Batter Fried Fish” (Rs. 270) from their special dining menu could have been better but I still enjoyed the fish. It felt like frozen fish because of the consistency but the batter was really good and lemon butter and tartar side gave it more depth. For drinks, we ordered the “Pomegranate Lemon Mint” (Rs. 150) and the “Ginger Lemon Fizz” (Rs. 110) and they were both worth the money we paid.

Oh and we got a 10% discount for dining between 7pm to 12am.

Thanks @eatberrybomb


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