Beef Noodle Soup at “Wattana Panich” – Bangkok, Thailand

I waited long to visit “Wattana Panich” after being unable to stop by on my visit to Bangkok last year. This hole in the wall has been featured in many a food blog and it only came to my notice after Mark Wiens from @migrationology wrote about the place in his blog. Looking up this place on YouTube, I made up my mind not to miss another chance at trying out this legendary joint.


Legend has it that the broth has been continuously boiling since they first opened over 40 years ago and its distinct flavour and aroma is thanks to the leftover beef broth from the previous day.

The place can be a little steamy thanks to the boiling vat of beef, but the experience of watching your meal being cooked right in front of you is both exciting and a completely new experience.

I ordered the “Fine Noodles with Sliced & Stewed Beef Soup” and “Kha Moo with Rice”.

The Beef Noodle Soup was out of this world. After being stewed and tenderised for hours with bags of Chinese herbs and spices giving it that taste and aroma, I quickly gobbled down the dish in what felt like a few seconds.

“Kha Moo with Rice” (Pork)

The Kha Moo was good too with the spicy sauce/dressing working well with the pork. The rice was a good add-on but I could have done without it. It was both tender and juicy and I would have loved to lay up more of that wonderful pork on my plate. 

A place worth visiting if you ever visit Bangkok. You won’t be disappointed! #FoodwithShayne



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