I had tried visiting @jeleep in their Dammam branch before but got turned away since they didn’t allow singles. It was a humiliating experience and I decided the place was not for me. But recently they opened up a branch in Khobar and I decided it was time to see if anything had changed since the episode in Dammam.


Thankfully it wasn’t going to be a repeat, so @nikhilprakash1 and I found a good spot and sat down to order for their iPad menu. The interiors are simple and well lit and the seats comfortable.
I went for the “Jareesh” (SR. 42) while Nikhil ordered the “Tahini Kofta” (SR. 40) from their Main Course. I was split between the Jareesh and Seafood but decided against the latter.


The “Jareesh – جريش” as I found out much later, is a traditional Arabian dish but I am getting conflicting evidence as to its origin. The dish was astounding!
A creamy rice/crushed wheat congee slow cooked with ghee and other spices and topped with oven baked chicken and caramelised onions. The soft chicken and the porridge combination was really wonderful but a bit heavy on the tummy. I would also recommend they debone the chicken.


The “Tahini Kofta” was just as good and came with a small portion of rice on the side. It was creamy and fused well with the meatballs and didn’t really need the rice.
Well, the wait was worth it!

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