Traditional Indonesian Eatery ‘Puncak Restaurant’ – Khobar, Saudi Arabia

Yesterday was an interesting day. My brother in law was in town so we were out looking for a good place to eat and managed to cover half the town before we found “Puncak Restaurant” located in the heart of Al Khobar, thanks to @googlemaps.


I had never come across an Indonesian resto in the #Sharqiya, so this was surprising, to say the least. The restaurant is located very close to the ladies market on 6th & Prince Sultan Street. It isn’t the most inviting looking place and the smell inside the restaurant might be overpowering to some, but what they served was well worth it.


We ordered what was on the cover of the menu, a dish called “Nasi Campur” (SR. 24) and “Chicken Satay”. The Nasi Campur was appetizing with a whole array of meat in all forms, veggies and curry, which with the rice was mouth-wateringly good. The crunchy bits of thinly sliced deep fried beef, mixed with a vegetable I had never seen or tasted before, curry and that lovely deep fried egg overwhelmed the senses and to top it all off, free refills on their lovely lemon ice tea to wash it all down.


The chicken satay was grilled to perfection and covered in thick peanut paste and with another sauce which I couldn’t identify, brought about the perfect combination. The waiter was very friendly and took the time to explain what the different curries and fried dishes were, though I don’t remember any of them. I will still remember the “Nasi Campur” though because I intend on stopping by soon.

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