Local Seafood at “Eastern People Seafood” Restaurant – Dhahran, Saudi Arabia

I’ve driven past this place almost every other day on my way to work and it was not until yesterday that I decided it was time to try something new.


“Eastern People” is a seafood joint based in the #Sharqiya and like the other fresh seafood joints I’ve been to, you get to select what fish you would like to have, how you would like it cooked (I went with fried) and served with your choice of rice (I chose Biriyani).


I chose a mid-sized “Sheri”, and with a bottle of water, it came to a grand total of SR. 56.
I should have visited this place a long time ago for the fish was absolutely delicious. Spot on with the salt and subtle spices, it was a match made in heaven when mixed with the fluffy biryani rice.


The menu is in Arabic so you will have to ask them for help. The staff are really friendly and the counter guy was kind enough to translate the menu for me. This particular branch has a seating area for families upstairs.

Location: https://goo.gl/maps/3m17m3nqHL8D6KGy6

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