“Temperature Cuisine” started around 9 months ago and was recently featured in “Destination Sharqiya’s Instagram @destinationshq. Shaistha Khan (@khan.shaistha) had also written about this joint for @arabnews sometime ago so it was time to spend some of my hard earned cash to treat myself. I reached there around noon and I was greeted by friendly staff. I was quite impressed with the interiors and how the staff dealt with their customers.

Temp Chicken – SR. 51

Like most new resto’s these days, these guys use an iPad for their menu and I decided it was going to be a burger since it had been a long time since I had one. I went for the “Temperature Chicken Burger” (SR. 51), a “Raspberry Lemonade” (SR. 25) and something to satisfy my sweet cravings “Flame Me Up” (SR. 38).

Raspberry Lemonade

It didn’ take long for them to serve me. The “Raspberry Lemonade” came first and I quite enjoyed the tangy taste combined with raspberry slush. It isn’t worth the price but I still quite liked it.


The menu describes the burger quite differently from what was served to me.
‘Fried Chicken topped with Apple coleslaw and french fries served on the side. Buffalo glazed chicken upon request’ – Now the Coleslaw was served on the side and the buffalo glaze that I requested for was very minimal. It tasted great though, the chicken is both crunchy and tender, but it tasted way better once I topped the chicken with coleslaw. The potato bun is super soft and really helps hold down the chicken in its place. It could have had a bit more glaze but overall, a wonderful burger. The price is the only thing that is hard to grasp.


Nice work @temperaturesa, but please make sure you try to serve the coleslaw on the patty and not on the side. Oh, and the french fries were really not worth it. It was a little soggy!


I quite enjoyed the display the staff put up before they served “Flame Me Up”. Using a blow torch, the meringue was browned and doused with chocolate sauce for good effect. The brownie at the base was a little hard, the graham cracker sprinkled on the outside edge of the plate that served no purpose and a very eggy meringue. It wasn’t worth it so be careful when you order this.

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