Fatto Restaurant in Seef, Bahrain

Wondering where to eat from can be confusing when you can’t make up your mind. Walking around Seef, we decided to try out @fattobahrain , a place my friend Sherin quite liked when she last visited and @blossomrb who had only recently been there.
I had been craving for some Pasta / Risotto for a while now and Fatto’s menu pulled me right in.

28102017- iPhone 8 Plus 093

I ordered the Risotto Gamberi Pomodorini (Large – BD 6.9), Lemonsoda Della Passione (BD 2.8) and for dessert, a Crumble di Fragole (BD 4.8)
Sherin ordered the Rose Risotto Di Manzo (Small – BD 3.9) and a Mojito to compliment the meal.

28102017- iPhone 8 Plus 092

These guys know their food and the Seafood Risotto was sublime. The shrimps were fresh and I loved how they didn’t overcook the rice which tends to happen often. The cherry tomatoes were both a lil’ sweet and a lil’ sour which balanced the meal perfectly. Great refreshing Soda and the best part of the meal was the amazing Crumble Dessert.

28102017- iPhone 8 Plus 094

Always make sure to mix it well before you dig in, or you’ll end up with the sour /sweet berries in the bottom of the bowl. Great customer service team who were exceptional and a great place to take the family out!

Location: https://g.page/FattoBahrain?share

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