I have mixed feelings about @thehutburger in Al Khobar. The staff aren’t very welcoming and the guy at the counter had to confirm if the burgers we ordered were available in the first place.

We ordered the “Irish Burger” (250g) – SR. 48.30 (Drinks & Fries included), The “Mozzarella Cheese Burger” – SR. 34.65 & I went for the “Sweet Onion Burger” – SR. 32.55.

The guy who served us got all the names wrong so the first few minutes were wasted in trying to find out which of the burgers belonged to each one of us. I finally got my “Sweet Onion Burger” and I dove straight in for a bite. The burger was really juicy from all the sweet onion and cheese but the patty was a bit too dry. The bun was just ok but a bit of disappointment overall.

The “Irish Burger” got the patty right and this was the only good burger from the ones we ordered. “The Mozzarella Cheese” was also a disappointment but thanks to the @entertainer app, we were able to save a decent sum.

This place has great reviews on Google though.

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