“Fresh & Fit” Juice & Cafe – Al Khobar

I was invited to try out “Fresh & Fit” (@freshandfitjuiceandcafe), the latest in a series of healthy food outlets that have been opening up in the #Sharqiya. This one is located right opposite Body Masters Gym near Subeika and they also have fast food too.


I went ahead a few of their signature menu items starting with the “Mushroom Beef Burger” (SR.15), “Mexican Sandwich” (SR. 12), the special “Club FF Sandwich” (SR. 10) and an “FF Special” smoothie (SR. 14) to top it all off.


The mushroom beef burger is exceptional. The patty is made in store and that really matters because it tasted really good. The sautéed mushrooms gave the burger more volume and flavour and the potato bun (a lot of new joints are adopting this bun) really helps enhance the burger. The Mexican sandwich was enjoyable but the pieces were a bit small and I did recommend they make the cuts a little bigger for more bite. The ff club sandwich was quite good especially the mashed boiled egg is sauces that they had used along with the chicken to layer the sandwich. It was a little heavy on the sauces but delish nevertheless.


The smoothie helped wash it all down and you can choose between Sugar & Honey to sweeten your drink. They also have juices for detox, fat burning and milkshakes with Galaxy & Oreo. (I haven’t tried these yet)


The place is open for families too and there is enough space to hold parties in case you ever need it. This place is great value for money I’m definitely stopping by for another #burger

Location: https://goo.gl/maps/hz7bSgSpQ6QQdwj96

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