“Madeleine” French Restaurant – Al Khobar

Located near the SABB main branch in Khobar, @madeleineksa has been on my list of restaurants to visit in Khobar for quite some time. I got there just in time for lunch & was guided to the singles section.


I was attended to by Lloyd who was super friendly and courteous, and I decided to go straight for the main course.

I ordered the “Truffled Chicken Risotto” (SR. 65) with truffled wild mushrooms parfait (I had to google that) and sauteed chicken breasts with mascarpone and parmesan cream. Now the risotto was absolute perfection. You can go very wrong with the rice but this was cooked perfectly well, with the cream giving it more volume. Loved how smooth the chicken and mushroom were and the best bit had to be the Olive paste on top that really spiked the flavour of the risotto.
I give this a 9/10 for not being hot enough. By the time I was done eating the dish, it had already turned cold.


For dessert, I was in the mood for something comforting and simple. Ordered the “Madeleine’s Bread Pudding” (SR. 44) which was a lil’ pricey for the quantity they served but that was it. Homemade with brioche bread infused with earl grey tea and caramelised sugar, this was one of the best bread puddings I have had till date. The ice cream that they served really helped bring the dessert together and the combination really blew my mind.

These guys are known for their desserts and it shows. Next time, I’m heading there just for the desserts.

Location: https://goo.gl/maps/mNvJqkKYK3FMGZZ76

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