“Black Gold Burger” at The Cuts Urban Kitchen – Khobar

I had decided what my “cheat meal” was going to be this weekend, so I drove down to @thecuts_ksa to try out their #BlackGold menu.

I had already decided on the “Black Gold Burger” (SR.60) well before I got there. Made with #Wagyu beef and topped with fried jalapeños, American cheese & fried mozzarella, matchstick fries, black truffle mayo sauce all packed in a Golden Charcoal Bun and served with a side of fries, this mean #burger was just what I needed.


The crunchy fried mozzarella and wagyu beef are a match made in heaven and I spent some time trying not to make a mess of all the cheese. The matchstick fries add a bit more crunch and volume and the truffle mayo compliments an already great burger.


The fries are a disappointment though and I would have preferred they topped it with cheese and bacon bits. The lemonade was quite ok but the burger would have been a lot better if I had it with Coke.


Thanks for the complimentary caramel popcorn guys and if you use the “Entertainer App”, you will end up saving quite a bit.

Location: https://goo.gl/maps/zFk3rfFXi3A2

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