‘Tom Yum Goong Banglamphu’ – Khao San Road, Bangkok – 2nd Visit

This was my second visit to this famed street eatery in the heart of Khao San & Sareeka’s first experience with Thai food. I didn’t waste time and started ordering items off the menu, pointing at the pictures to make sure they understood what I wanted. You shouldn’t expect them to speak the language, so be polite and try your best to go through the menu and you should pretty much get an idea.


We went all out since we were super hungry starting with the Tom Yum Goong (Tom Yum with Shrimp), Crab Omelette, Crispy Pork with Green Leafy Veggies, White Clams in Basil and a bottle of cold Chang Beer to wash it all down.


Sareeka wasn’t too fond of the soup but quite enjoyed the Pork & the clams. The clams were scrumptious and had a lot of flavours. The basil was a nice touch to an already amazing dish.


The Pork was crispy on the outside and soft and juicy on the inside. I quite enjoyed this dish since the pork had soaked up all the flavour from the veggies and the sauce and still retained its crunch.


The Crab Omelette wasn’t the best since the meat had been over fried and had lost all its flavour. There are other well-known eateries in Bangkok that do a mean crab omelette and this isn’t one of them.
A great place to experience some of the best Thai food has to offer.

Location: Tom Yum Goong Banglamphu

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