Cajun / Creole cuisine at “CREOLE”, Al Khobar

Located in Al Fouad Centre in the heart of Al Khobar, @creole.alkhobar has been open to the public since 2016. I first came across this place from an article my good friend Shaistha Khan penned a few years ago for Arab News and had visited this place for breakfast before.

Iqra joined me for dinner and we wanted something that would be light on the stomach and our pockets. We ordered the “Golden Crispy Prawns” (SR.35) from the appetizers menu and for the main course, we chose the “Acadiana Salmon” (SR.70) and the “Blackened Shrimp Risotto” (SR.53).

If you are expecting a lot of quantity, then this will disappoint you. But the food is exceptional and gives you great insight into the world of Creole / Cajun cuisine.
The “Acadania Salmon” is marinated in cajun spices, blackened creole grill style and placed on a bed of sour couscous and veggies and topped with a sweet potato crisp. The flavouring is exceptional and unique and combining all these components into a bite is the best way to enjoy this dish.

The “Blackened Shrimp Risotto” is shrimp that is marinated and grilled with creole spices and served with spinach risotto that was both comforting and sinful. I thoroughly enjoyed the meal. The “Golden Crispy Prawns” weren’t exceptional but had a good crunch to it. It did, however, feel lacklustre because of the size of the shrimp used.
Overall, a wonderful experience and if you haven’t tried Creole / Cajun cuisine, then this is the place to go.


Written by Food with Shayne

I am a Food Blogger / Photographer based in Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia with a passion for food. I review local eateries from all over Saudi Arabia and on occasion, I travel for food. Follow me on my food journey as I eat, take pictures and write about the best of food from around the world. Welcome to "Food with Shayne".

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