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“Saravana Bhavan” Restaurant Review – The best of South Indian food in Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia

I was invited to review “Saravana Bhavan” just in time for “Pongal” and oh boy were we in for a treat. We were greeted by Mr Sundhar who had reserved a table for us. We weren’t sure what we were going to order but Mr Sundhar took the lead and recommended we try a few of their best dishes.

Beginning with the appetizers, we were served “Paneer 65”, “Gobi 65”, & “Poori Vada”. The “Paneer 65” was the best of the lot and we quite enjoyed the fried creamy delights that vanished in no time. The Gobi was good but could have been a little softer, but the spice mix they used really brought out the flavour. I didn’t really enjoy the vada they served with the Poori.

For the main course came 2 big “Thali’s”, one a “North Indian Thali” with a decent portion of vegetarian pulao and a whole host of sides served in small portions that included “Rava Kesari” (I will come back to this soon), Raitha, Paneer curry & Dal. The dal wasn’t the best but the pulao was delicious and with the paneer and raitha made a wonderful combination.

“North Indian & South Indian Thali”

The “South Indian Thali” (Pongal Special) had a small serving of “Pongal Rice” and the usual sambhar, rasam, poriyal kootu, curd, spicy buttermilk and a whole host of other curries that I couldn’t identify but was appetizing nevertheless. I was told this was a special thali since they were serving a lot more sides than the usual. The Pongal, bottle gourd curry and cabbage is a delicious combination and if you are South Indian, you relate to what I just said.

Soon after came the “Ghee Roast Masala Dosa” & “Paper Roast Dosa” that came with yet another serving of the delicious “Rava Kesari” doused in ghee which happens to go amazingly well with the “Paper Roast Dosa”. (You can thank me later).

To top it all off, they served us their signature “Madras Filter Coffee”. There is nothing better than a good filter coffee to help the food settle and by god do they make an excellent cuppa.


Thank you for the mouth-watering feast @saravansaudi. You should consider serving the Paper Roast with just the Rava Kesari in the future.

Follow this link for the menu: Saravana Bhavan Menu

Location: https://goo.gl/maps/jfVtSGtXUFz

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