The Best of Fresh Seafood at “Imam Restaurant for Fresh Fish” – Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

My colleagues understand my obsession with food and whenever I’m in Jeddah I’m treated to some of the best local joints in the city.

Wagdi decided we would visit “Imam Restaurant for Fresh Fish” for lunch so he put in our order a few hours before noon. Located off King Fahad Rd in Al Balad, we got there just in time to see our fish being prepared.


I had ordered a 350gm piece of King Fish / Kanad (Derak) with Sayadiyah rice. They brought in a whole platter of different kinds of sauces to go with the fish and rice and also some Tahaniyah.

Served with a side of crispy kuboos chips, the fish had been deep fried in mild spices and what looked like semolina, but I can’t confirm. The fish is delicious and with Sayadiyah rice & Tahaniyah, it makes for a deadly mixture.


You can also try the sauces with the fish & rice to see which one suits you best. A great way to enjoy some seafood without breaking the bank. At SR. 33, it is an absolute bargain. Thank you Wagdi!


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