Burgers at ‘Section-B’ – Riyadh

This place was packed to full capacity when I got here and oh boy this was no small queue. I had to find a seat at the sharing table but after driving all that way, I wasn’t about to return on an empty stomach. ‘Section-b’ is a saudi based and very popular burger joint so it didn’t come as a surprise to find it crowded.

I ordered the “C Burger” (SR. 34), which is a deep fried chicken breast, served on soft brown burger buns with butter, pickles, spring onions, radish, crispy slaw and a spicy mayo sauce that wasn’t really spicy (Please use Sriracha).

The burger is exceptionally good and worth every bit that I paid for it. The chicken is super crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. I absolutely hate dry burgers but this one was spot on with the slaw and sauces (no drip) 😍.
If you live in Riyadh and are yet to check this place out, stop wasting time and head to @sectionb_sa.

P.S. Didn’t like the coleslaw with Vinegar.

Location: https://goo.gl/maps/Dj1J5DuP2PD2

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