Restaurants to try out in the Sharqiya, Saudi Arabia this weekend.

“Where do we eat today?” can be a very frustrating question and on most weekends, couples might end up going to a restaurant they have already been to. 

Well, not this weekend. Here is “Food with Shayne” with his list of restaurants you should be trying out this weekend. 


The food truck scene in the Eastern Province has been on the rise, and this can only mean one thing. MORE PLACES TO EAT! Eggsplosion was high up on my list for one reason and let’s face it, who doesn’t love EGGS?

I asked them what their bestselling sandwich was, and I was told to order the “Smash” (SR 15). It isn’t very easy to get the eggs right. You could either overcook or undercook them & make them watery. Thank you @eggsplosion for not letting me down here. The eggs were super creamy and the chives and creamy cheddar augmenting the flavour. There was a hint of #Sriracha somewhere & the onions complimented the eggs so well. I like my bacon crispy (extra for SR. 4), but this was quite good nevertheless. Thank you guys for the complimentary Salted Caramel French Toast with Popcorn. Loved the caramel but if you could toast the bread a bit longer, it would do it justice.



The menu has also gone through some changes and revision with the old Thai names removed. We ordered the “Galangal Seafood Soup with Coconut Milk” (SR. 35 – Medium), “Red Curry Beef” (SR. 25 – One Size) and a portion each of “Sweet Chili Fried Rice w Chicken & Beef” & “Basil Leaves Fried Rice w Chicken & Beef” (SR. 35 each – Medium).

The Galangal soup was surprisingly good and the seafood was quite fresh (including the prawns). It wasn’t warm enough and turned cold soon after. I would have liked a little less coconut milk but the Lemongrass and Kaffir lime cut out the sweetness. I could get a hint of the fish sauce which really enhanced an already delicious soup. Don’t confuse this with Tom Yum!

The Red Beef Curry was also quite good and went well with the fried rice which wasn’t up to par. The portion is really small for the curry but they make up for it with generous portions of fried rice.



“OAK SMOKEHOUSE” is a smokehouse in Khobar that specialises in smoked Briskets & Ribs and I decided it was time to drop in for a visit. I ordered the “Brisket” (250gm – SR. 79) and a coleslaw (SR.9) to go with the meat. First impressions, great tasting meat, tender and moist with juicy bits of fat that leave a buttery aftertaste. The red chilli compliments the meat and the coleslaw helps cool down your system.

The “Short Ribs” is some of the best ribs I have had till date. For SR. 99, you get a completely different experience. These ribs are smoked for 7hrs + and are garnished with delicious chimichurri, fried onions and without all that hideous BBQ sauce. The meat literally fell apart when I pressed the fork over the meat and the charred exterior gives the meat more depth and flavour. You will come across a few salty bits but that is expected since the rub is uneven. You are paying quite a bit, but this is worth all that and much more.

This is currently, Sharqiya’s best rib joint PERIOD.



I decided to go straight to the main course and ordered the “Truffled Chicken Risotto” (SR. 65) with truffled wild mushrooms parfait (I had to google that) and sauteed chicken breasts with mascarpone and parmesan cream. Now the risotto was absolute perfection. You can go very wrong with the rice but this was cooked perfectly well, with the cream giving it more volume. Loved how smooth the chicken and mushroom were and the best bit had to be the Olive paste on top that really spiked the flavour of the risotto.
I give this a 9/10 for not being hot enough. By the time I was done eating the dish, it had already turned cold.

For dessert, I was in the mood for something comforting and simple. Ordered the “Madeleine’s Bread Pudding” (SR. 44) which was a lil’ pricey for the quantity they served but that was it. Homemade with brioche bread infused with earl grey tea and caramelised sugar, this was one of the best bread puddings I have had till date. The ice cream that they served really helped bring the dessert together and the combination really blew my mind.



The restaurant was recently renovated but it still felt a little dull but that’s not why we were there. A quick glance at the menu and we ordered the “Honey Glazed Scallops” (SR. 50). The pan seared scallops were tender and moist but could have better with a bit more sear. The lobster flavoured Roast Beetroot Quinoa base was quite bland and did not do justice to the scallops accompanying it.

For the main course, I ordered the “Thai Salmon Steak in Panang Curry Sauce” which had a hint of Lemongrass and came with a small portion of coconut rice. The Salmon was cooked well and encrusted with coconut that held the fish in place. The curry was slightly sour but made a good accompaniment. The vegetables made no real difference and would have been great with a bit more rice.

Overall a good experience with a very friendly staff member taking care of our needs. I would like to try their Christmas Menu out next time!



We ordered what was on the cover of the menu, a dish called “Nasi Campur” (SR. 24) and “Chicken Satay”. The Nasi Campur was appetizing with a whole array of meat in all forms, veggies and curry, which with the rice was mouth-wateringly good. The crunchy bits of thinly sliced deep fried beef, mixed with a vegetable I had never seen or tasted before, curry and that lovely deep fried egg overwhelmed the senses and to top it all off, free refills on their lovely lemon ice tea to wash it all down.

The chicken satay was grilled to perfection and covered in thick peanut paste and with another sauce which I couldn’t identify, brought about the perfect combination. The waiter was very friendly and took the time to explain what the different curries and fried dishes were, though I don’t remember any of them. I will still remember the “Nasi Campur” though because I intend on stopping by soon. They have a separate seating area for families.



NOTE: I will be updating this list often with new eateries every now and then. You can also check out my Google Maps list by following the link –

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