‘Fish Market Restaurant’ – Corniche Road, Jeddah

It is not everyday that I get to enjoy a meal with my colleagues from PSS department, so when the opportunity arose, we decided to try something different from the usual.


I have been quite reliant on @googlemaps for spotting the best eats in the city of Jeddah and it hasn’t disappointed so far.

“Seafood Soup”

@fishmarketksa on corniche road is a seafood restaurant with great ratings and It had been a while since I’ve had some whole fried fish. The restaurant is pretty big with a sheesha lounge and cafe below. We were guided into a room to choose our fish and then guided to our tables where we ordered the rest of the meal.

“Fried Sheri”

I went for my personal favourite “Sheri” (SR. 62) that is local to the middle east while one of my colleagues decided to try out “Sea Bream” (SR. 62). We also ordered the “Seafood Soup” (SR. 40) and the “Sayadeya Rice” (SR. 15) to go with the meal.

“Sayadeya Rice”

The “Seafood Soup” was what I would call “Chowder”. It was hearty, creamy with chunks of white fish and shrimps adding a lot of depth to the broth. I must say, was the highlight of our meal and we would have ordered more if we hadn’t ordered all that food. The fried fish was subtle in taste but it was really fresh and combined with the Sayadeya rice and Tahini made for a sublime combo. The service was exceptional and we were treated to an extra discount once we were done with the meal.

This is a great place to bring the kids who will be preoccupied with the aquariums. We spent a total of SR. 300, which is quite steep but considering the food and service, we had no regrets. #FoodwithShayne

Location: https://goo.gl/maps/KQYCJ9wt7JJ2

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