“J Town Burgers” at The Counter Burger, Jeddah

I was invited to try out the new “J Town” menu at @thecountersaudi, named after the city of Jeddah and by god it was worth it. I would like to thank the amazing @thefoodies.sa for taking me along and showing me how they do things. It is fun when you have like minded individuals who enjoy food just as much as I do.


The “J Town” menu runs till the end of April and the burgers are priced with your money in consideration. The priciest “J Town Double Patty” comes at an affordable SR. 35 stacked with a double beef patty that comes at a whopping 400 gms. This had to be the simplest “No Frills” burger with just onions used that really complimented the patty and cheese. The brioche bun melts away as you bite in to get a mouthful.


The “J Town Beef Sliders” is the mini version of the Double Patty.
The “Dynamite Shrimp Sliders” were a bit too dry for my liking and it would have really helped with a bit more of the dynamite sauce.


The “J Town Chicken” burger wasn’t the best. The chicken was crunchy and tasted good but with all the tiny pieces of tomato, the chicken had become a little soggy. The tomato took away what was best about the chicken, the crunch.


The “Sweet Potato Fries” are to die for and the “Wasabi Dip” was phenomenal. With a hint of wasabi, the dip really was made for the sweet potato fries and that dip could do wonders if used in one of the burgers. (Just a Tip)


The “Dynamite Shrimps” were good thanks to a good helping of sauce.
And guess what, there is a free dessert if you order one of the meals on the “J Town” menu. I was a bit too stuffed to try any of the desserts but I would have loved to try the “Lime Pie”.
The offer runs till the end of April so don’t wait up! #FoodwithShayne

Location: https://goo.gl/maps/JGhgrdW8Ado

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