“House of Sparrows Cafe” at Kuttichira, Kozhikode

Tucked away in a narrow alley on Gujarati Street, House of Sparrows is a cafe cum restaurant that houses the “Gudhaam Art Cafe”. There has been a quite explosion of cafe’s in the city of Calicut and the interiors here are in good taste. We arrived for dinner and were surprised to find that we were the only ones here. The staff aren’t the most welcoming and we sat down to explore the menu.

“Virgin Mojito”

For starters, we ordered the “Pesto Grilled Fish” (₹ 266) because they didn’t have the “Garlic Butter Chilly Calamari”. We then went on to order the “Char Grilled Beef Steak” (₹ 344), “Beef Steak Medallion” (₹ 344) & “Grilled Chicken with Pan Jus” (₹ 311) from the main course and also a few “Virgin Mojitos”.

“Pesto Grilled Fish”

The “Pesto Grilled Fish” was a bit dry and lacked any of the flavour from the pesto. It wasn’t a bad cut of fish, just that it lacked the main ingredient.

“Char Grilled Beef Steak”

The “Char Grilled Beef Steak” on the other hand was quite delicious with the meat well done and the sauces really complimenting the meat. I was glad to see that they had served a good cut of meat without the fatty bits.

“Beef Steak Medallions”

There was nothing different in the “Beef Steak Medallions” that we ordered. It tasted remarkably similar to the char grilled steak that we had ordered but topped with mash and carrots. Though the meat was well cooked, I really wouldn’t order this again.

“Grilled Chicken with Pan Jus”

Last but not the least, the “Grilled Chicken with Pan Jus” was just OK and for that price you would be better off ordering one of their steaks.
The Mojitos were really good and refreshing and I am starting to appreciate the initiative that most cafe’s in Calicut getting rid of the plastic straws in favour of paper straws. Great place for a fun time with friends but the heat is definitely going to get to you.

Point to Note: We visited during Ramadan (Post Iftar) and they also have an inside seating area with A/C.

Total Bill – ₹1,310.

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