Peri Peri Chicken at “Nandos”, Riyadh

There is one thing that I would quite like in the Eastern Province and that is a @ksanandos. It is about time they started one here too!

This outlet is in the Turki Square in Riyadh and as always I decided to go for my personal favourite “1/2 Chicken + 1 Regular side” (SR. 51) and asked them to make it Spicy. The weather outside was cold and spicy was just what the doctor ordered.

Marko was the super friendly waiter that took my order and soon enough I had my favourite “Peri Peri Chicken” right in front of me.

As always I love how these guys get their chicken right. Tender, Spicy and grilled to perfection, the fries could have had a bit more spice rub on top and the rice a little better. The rice here never really meets my expectations.

Marko recommended I try the “Natas”, a custard tart (Portuguese style) encased and baked in a super flaky pastry. It was delicious but expensive at the same time. (SR. 20)
Ask for Marko when you are at this branch of @ksanandos for the best service ever. #FoodwithShayne

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