Asian Fusion Food at ‘The Chinese Factory’ – Silk Street, Kozhikode

It is hard to describe this restaurant, but “The Chinese Factory” (@thechinesefactory) is very different from the usual joints located in and around Calicut beach. Designed to look like a car workshop from the outside and tastefully decorated with memorabilia from old american diners from the 50’s & 60’s on the inside, this place is well known for their variations of “Asian Food”.

“Cottage Cheese Barbecue Pepper”

For starters, we ordered the “Cottage Cheese Barbecue Pepper” (₹270), “Chilly Teriyaki Squid” (₹350) & the “Nut and Bolt Chicken” (₹ 290) and for the main course we went for the “Burnt Garlic Coriander Chicken Fried Rice” (₹190) and “Burnt Chilli Chicken Noodles” (₹190).


The service is a little slow but the waiters are quite friendly and I would like to thank them for the great recommendations.

The “Chilli Teriyaki Squid” totally won me over. The squid did not have that fishy after taste and the teriyaki sauce made it a little tangy. It tasted great on it’s own but for those of you who like to down a drink or two, this would make a tasty side.

“Nut and Bolt Chicken”

The “Cottage Cheese BBQ” was also quite good with the paneer soaking up all the flavours from the barbecue pepper sauce. It was also slightly charred giving it a great smokey flavour.

“Burnt Garlic Coriander Chicken Fried Rice”

The “Burnt Garlic Coriander Chicken Fried Rice” was a bit of a miss. No real flavour of garlic but it complimented the “Nut and Bolt Chicken” which had bits of toasted cashews and veggies.

“The Burnt Chilli Chicken Noodles”

“The Burnt Chilli Chicken Noodles” was totally worth the purchase and I would totally recommend this being part of your order.

“Chinese Factory Tempura Ice cream”

Before we decided to call it a day, we also ordered their dessert special, “Chinese Factory Tempura Ice cream”. Covered in a sort of batter and cornflakes, this was deep fried and served with a sweet syrup. It was absolutely divine and can feed 2 people.

“Passion Fruit Mojito”

Great place to spend an evening with friends and family!

P.S. – If you are ordering the “Passion Fruit Mojito” (₹ 120), make sure they add a good amount of ICE.


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